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Architecture Design

Our Architectural designs are aesthetic, attractive, economical, easy to maintain, reliable, durable, sustainable, safe, and functional.

In order to produce a highly functional building, an architect should understand the key factors of structure and design such as energy, space, safety, cost, aesthetics, and human comfort. In addition, a well-built structure should meet the needs of its users, whether these needs are social functional, environmental, or financial. Furthermore, an architect must also ensure the sustainability of new buildings through proper maintenance, repair, preventive measures, and adaptation to the changing environment. A successful urban design therefore requires a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the building process, including cost analysis, budget preparation, scheduling, construction documentation, project management, and regulatory approvals.

In the field of architectural engineering, we create the blueprints and designs for buildings and residential and commercial buildings by employing several architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural best standards and methods. The primary objective of our design system is to establish the most efficient use of human capital in building construction design. This method is based on theories of economic design, environmental design, and sustainable development. Therefore, GCG engineers contribute substantially to the success of any urban project by ensuring that the project utilizes efficient architectural design processes along with sustainable construction techniques and materials.

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What Else we good at

Interior Design

We design residential spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, bedroom spaces, office spaces, parks and landscapes, schools and hospitals, restaurants, cruise ships, cruise lines, hotels, and many other places.

MEP Design

Our MEP design skills continue to set the standard of the industry in innovative, cost-effective, and timely engineering solutions that are used in commercial buildings, municipal sewers, private residences, businesses, industrial complexes, and even municipal park playgrounds.

Structural Design

Our company is an excellent choice to help clients achieve the best structural design for their building projects. In our architectural practice, we can act as both an architect and structural designers for our clients' projects.

Environmental Studies

We conduct systematic research on human-environment interactions to address complex contemporary environmental issues. Our environmental studies connect principles from the physical sciences, commerce/economics, the humanities, and social sciences.

Sustainability And GSAS

Our Global Sustainability Assessment System studies service are performance-based system studies for assessing and rating the sustainability impacts of buildings and infrastructure.

Site Supervision

Our highly qualified supervisors oversee the on-site work process in terms of technical, functional, aesthetic, urban, and environmental considerations. We keep an eye on the project scope as well as the status of critical elements and specifications.

Construction Management

Our professional construction management service oversees the planning, design, and construction of your project(s) from start to finish, using specialized project management techniques. We keep your project's time/delivery, cost, and quality under control.

Landscape Design

Our professional landscape plan is a written representation of your property's designs. Essentially, we design the strategy for increasing the aesthetic, economic, functional, and environmental value of your property.

Feasibility Studies

We offer the best-in-class feasibility studies across the region to determine whether your preliminary plans can be built according to your specifications.


We offer Building Information Modeling. For the collaborative design of buildings, infrastructure elements, and even cities, our teams use BIM technology and work processes. All project information is contained in a single 3D computer model, which is shared with all stakeholders.

3D Animations

We offer high-end architectural visualizations for architects and real estate firms. We offer top-tier photorealistic 3D rendering services to our clients, including animations, still images, walkthroughs, and virtual reality tours.

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